The Gutter Man

Collect all that runoff rainwater from the roof of your home or business with a high-quality gutter system from L&L Construction, LTD's The Gutter Man. Our team can design a top-notch rainwater collection system and handle the installation and all future maintenance. Our team can design gutters that fit the specifications of your building and make sure they work properly to collect the rainwater running off the top.

The Gutter Man is one of the original founders of the Texas Association of Gutter Contractors, Inc. Our experts have been designing gutters that protect homes and the property surrounding them for years. Our gutters are ideal for landscaping and flower beds, garage doors, foundations, pools and collecting rainwater, mildew, and drip line erosion.

Different Roof Elevations - Compound Miter

Elevation Cut


Downspouts Offset on Columns

Different Roof Types

Custom Endcaps

What you DO want:

Protecting Landscaping and Foundation

Blend or Add Contrast

Different Color Downspouts

Projecting Water away from the foundation

Tie downspouts into underground drains

Custom Bay Cuts

Gutters and Downspout Blending


What you DON'T want:

Wrong Size Gutters and Downspouts

Equipment not protected

Rotted Wood

Dripline and Erosion

Splashback Stainage - Algae, Mold, Mildew

Water Damage inviting Termites