Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Services Houston TX

Cleaning out a gutter is a chore that's not only time-consuming: it can also be dangerous. But when The Gutter Man's experienced, fully insured technicians handle the task, they do it safely and efficiently, even performing extra work such as inspecting the condition of roofing. Homeowners can also purchase gutter-cleaning equipment, much of which the company manufactures independently, at a retail location.

Wherever physically possible we get up on the roof! We wear roofing shoes, called COUGAR PAWS. The soles on the bottoms do not cause any abrasions to the roof. Also all of our extension ladders have stand-offs on them so nothing leans up against the gutter to damage or affect the slopes. 

While on the roof we will let you know if you have any missing shingles, damaged shingles, rotten wood or infestation of insects; anything out of the ordinary we will let you know. If it's significant we will actually take pictures of it and e-mail them to you before we leave the job.

Gutter Cleaning Process

First, we start off by blowing all of the bulk debris off the roof where the gutters are. Then we blow all of the bulk debris out of the gutters, and then blow the downspouts. We bagged up and haul away all of the bulk debris that comes from your roof, your gutters and downspouts.

Then we get back up on the roof with the water hose that has a jet nozzle on it, and we thoroughly rinse out the system of all of the shingle grit that gets baked into it from your composition roof. We are also water testing the system to make sure that everything is flowing properly, and to see if there are any leaks in the system. If we do come across any areas that need additional attention, we are fully prepared to take care of it right then and there. We will apply a discounted rate since we are already there. If you would like us to hold off on the additional work, that is not a problem, we will leave you with a written inspection report of exactly what needs to be done and the cost.

We will blow your walkway, your driveway and your patio area.
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